What's wrong with Antiteori's PR ?

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Ahhh...what is wrong with the Google Page Rank management? This blog, my old time blogger blog, was before PR4, then after sometimes google penaltize it to PR0 which i think because some of the paid review i'm done before.

Then after several times, Google restore my Page Rank back, not to 4, but 3.

Ya three is better than zero anyway right?

Nah...after that im like doing no more paid review again, but the older paid review, i never deleted it. And so on I keep posting regularly, it was a random fun posting actually. Until when i was surprised that my blog being penaltized AGAIN for the second time.

Uh...what on earth is doin with The G.

Well let's take the good side, above all Google is not everything right?

If you feel posting, and blogging is fun care nothing to google then. In fact my antiteori blog still have loyal reader :D , seldom under 200 people visiting this awesome blog each day ! What say you ;) let me hear your comment ok :)

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.
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Baca Kelanjutannya.....

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