Pempek Palembang aka. Palembang Fish Cake

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Hi Guys and Girls, it almost one year I have not update my antiteori blog. So this time the topic will be quite different, not about sandra dewi bugil again, but about pempek palembang.

So are you Indonesian? If you answer yes, I bet u have familiar with the term 'pempek palembang'. And for you who haven't heard about pempek palembang let me tell you something. Pempek palembang also known as Palembang Fish Cake.

Pempek is a traditional society of food made from South Sumatera, Palembang. Made of materials grinded meat and fish flour. Pempek has a special taste and used to like it, have economic value and nutrition that is high enough. Main nutrient content in the pempek are protein, fat, and carbohydrates derived from fish and tapioca flour. Pempek also consist of other nutrient content in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Well, my personal opinion would be, Pempek Palembang Rocks! You'll regret it if you not try it at least once in your life, though once you taste it you'll be addicted to it! Guaranteed! It just so special and unique texture and taste for a food, I hunder percent sure that you can not find other than in Indonesia, so we welcome you to come to Indonesia, and have yourself try the most delicious food ever exist on earth :p

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