Cetak CD at its Best

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What is Cetak CD maybe you asking? Cetak CD in english is CD Printing

it is a mechanism where a CD is burned with content (Duplikasi CD) and printed with label in its printable surface, make it a perfect original flawless CD.

Remember when you do Cetak DVD or even Cetak DVD, think abou Quality first. Yes Quality!

Why quality always come first on Cetak CD matter, because oftenly people looking for cheap stuff and ends up all the CD printed and duplicated with very poor quality, make it totally unusable !

So the point is to look NOT for the Cheapest service, BUT the most VALUE for money service. And Thanks God I'm about to share with you guys where you can find those service.

Simply visit web RajacetakCD.com, their service by so far is the most value for money I'ever used. I can even say that with standard quality like that their services are genuinely cheap !

Here is a sample of CD I printed on Rajacetakcd :

Ah almost forgot to tell you guys, unlike other alike company, in Rajacetakcd.com you can print as low as 100 quantity only! that is a very good deal if you'd like to print in small-medium quantity, for instance : lecture disc, memorial book disc, reunion event disc, documentation disc, or limited product launching disc. Not to mention, they they also work on printing Cover CD, Label CD, and even Custom CD Pocket. (so you get the idea, they're pretty much a one-stop-service to your CD/DVD needs)

PS: I have to say just by looking on their site, you can instanly recognize that this guys are professional on Disc Printing business. :)

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Antiteori is Back, Just Like Magic!

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Geez, it's been like century I haven't updated this blog. Well...a century passed like an hour..don't u think so. I have several website actually some of it talks about trik sulap and pempek palembang. And both of em, which, i haven't updated for so many times, i wrote almost exactly opening sentence...speaking about how 'time is literally flies' it doesn't walk nor it walks. Lol, dramatic but quite true.

So know why all of a sudden, rewrite this blog?

Well basically sharing is caring, and writing for public is one form of sharing. And let's just say that i somehow quite like to write...and to be true, by writing it boost up your blog popularity too isn't it? just like a sulap perhaps (note: sulap means magic in bahasa)

How about business? Yeah of course, I got some business to run therefore i got my business. Even though a real business won't burden you so much on business. And yeah we'll talk about this later okay.

PS: I found this image is really funny so i just put it to tell you it feels good to be back :)

Now what is important is this blog is officially reactivated. just like my another personal blog which written in bahasa the infamous buyungupik , lol.

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.

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Pempek Palembang aka. Palembang Fish Cake

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Hi Guys and Girls, it almost one year I have not update my antiteori blog. So this time the topic will be quite different, not about sandra dewi bugil again, but about pempek palembang.

So are you Indonesian? If you answer yes, I bet u have familiar with the term 'pempek palembang'. And for you who haven't heard about pempek palembang let me tell you something. Pempek palembang also known as Palembang Fish Cake.

Pempek is a traditional society of food made from South Sumatera, Palembang. Made of materials grinded meat and fish flour. Pempek has a special taste and used to like it, have economic value and nutrition that is high enough. Main nutrient content in the pempek are protein, fat, and carbohydrates derived from fish and tapioca flour. Pempek also consist of other nutrient content in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Well, my personal opinion would be, Pempek Palembang Rocks! You'll regret it if you not try it at least once in your life, though once you taste it you'll be addicted to it! Guaranteed! It just so special and unique texture and taste for a food, I hunder percent sure that you can not find other than in Indonesia, so we welcome you to come to Indonesia, and have yourself try the most delicious food ever exist on earth :p

source: www.jenzcorner.com

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Start New Hobby, Play Magic, be Magician

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Dear friends all over the world,i just want say hello and also sorry because its already long time for me to have a chance to update this blog ;)

Anyway...now i got new hobby, guess what? I learn magic now. I learn how to turn torch to a rose, i learn how to throw a fire from my hand, I even learn how to fly..

Ya learn magic is mean to be a Magician. yeah like mr.Deddy Corbuzier or mr. Demian Aditya..who i admire so much :D

Illusion is one of the great magic ever exist :)

Okay okay i tell you the secret which every other magician won't tell you. It is true that magician has a special talent in SPEED..yeah you won't imagine how fast their hand move on, take the card than change it into a jumbo card. But most of them lie about supernatural skill. hahaha . To be honest, most of em using tools ,and you can buy it on the magic online shop, like the one i used to shop Rajasulap.com .

I warn you it's not a paid review. Really it is not! so G don't punish me for somethin i didn't do. Ah screw Google..i don't even care again about Page Rank and Alexa. Life only once..and it's better if you fill it up with something usefull and you like it.

Ciao..i'll see you around on my next post :D

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What's wrong with Antiteori's PR ?

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Ahhh...what is wrong with the Google Page Rank management? This blog, my old time blogger blog, was before PR4, then after sometimes google penaltize it to PR0 which i think because some of the paid review i'm done before.

Then after several times, Google restore my Page Rank back, not to 4, but 3.

Ya three is better than zero anyway right?

Nah...after that im like doing no more paid review again, but the older paid review, i never deleted it. And so on I keep posting regularly, it was a random fun posting actually. Until when i was surprised that my blog being penaltized AGAIN for the second time.

Uh...what on earth is doin with The G.

Well let's take the good side, above all Google is not everything right?

If you feel posting, and blogging is fun care nothing to google then. In fact my antiteori blog still have loyal reader :D , seldom under 200 people visiting this awesome blog each day ! What say you ;) let me hear your comment ok :)

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.
Check also my favorite at here and see aBsUrd-rare- baby here !

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