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What is Cetak CD maybe you asking? Cetak CD in english is CD Printing

it is a mechanism where a CD is burned with content (Duplikasi CD) and printed with label in its printable surface, make it a perfect original flawless CD.

Remember when you do Cetak DVD or even Cetak DVD, think abou Quality first. Yes Quality!

Why quality always come first on Cetak CD matter, because oftenly people looking for cheap stuff and ends up all the CD printed and duplicated with very poor quality, make it totally unusable !

So the point is to look NOT for the Cheapest service, BUT the most VALUE for money service. And Thanks God I'm about to share with you guys where you can find those service.

Simply visit web RajacetakCD.com, their service by so far is the most value for money I'ever used. I can even say that with standard quality like that their services are genuinely cheap !

Here is a sample of CD I printed on Rajacetakcd :

Ah almost forgot to tell you guys, unlike other alike company, in Rajacetakcd.com you can print as low as 100 quantity only! that is a very good deal if you'd like to print in small-medium quantity, for instance : lecture disc, memorial book disc, reunion event disc, documentation disc, or limited product launching disc. Not to mention, they they also work on printing Cover CD, Label CD, and even Custom CD Pocket. (so you get the idea, they're pretty much a one-stop-service to your CD/DVD needs)

PS: I have to say just by looking on their site, you can instanly recognize that this guys are professional on Disc Printing business. :)

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