Car insurance rate

Saturday, May 31, 2008 5 comments

Car insurance rate is your everything about car insurance. Through their site, you will get car insurance information, guidance, and quote. Browse their articles and you will find a lot of helpful information about car insurance such as “10 easiest cars to get insured”, “10 most stolen cars”, “Are SUV’s harder to insure or more expensive?”, and many other helpful information that you must know before you get your car insurance. Those articles are updated frequently to make sure you get the latest information about car and car insurance.

To get the car insurance quote, proceed to the section of Get a Quote on the top bar of the page. At this sections fill out some information about your vehicle, such as its model, its production year of your vehicle, and also the daily use of your vehicle. Then, this site will give you quick and free car insurance quotes. Fill out the short form then you can compare the quotes. You can compare your auto insurance quotes result with some companies that are linked to the network such as MetLife, Allstate, Nationwide, and others. You don’t need to worry with the information you are giving because car insurance rates will keep the information with the highest security and process it to gives you the most accurate quotes.

car insurance rate

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Credit Card Offers

Friday, May 30, 2008 1 comments

Your credit network is your best resource of credit card information and gives you the link of applications online. They give you the easy step for applying credit card online. They are known as their three simple steps of applying credit cards. Those are research, compare, and then apply. Your credit network give you hint and the best deal for your credit card options before you are apply.

There are several credit card types, such as American Express, Capital One, Citibank, and others. You can get more banks with Your Credit Network. With this link, you can compare one of them to another so you won’t get difficulties or financial problem in the future related to the bank you are choosing and your credit cards. If you are still confuse with what kind of credit card you are looking for, your credit network will help you with several hints of credit cards beneficial. You can get credit card based on its features, its low interest, its instant approval, its rewards, and others. Beside that, your credit network also gives you example of certain credit cards that are gives you those beneficial. Your credit network will guide your credit card applications.

credit card offers

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Pay Everyone

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 5 comments

Pay Everyone is your online pay day loans solutions. If you have bills to pay and other obligation to pay, you can count on Pay Everyone. Through their site of, you can sign up for the Pay Day Loan program offered by them. This is your best deal solutions of your financial problems. When you get bills to pay and cash needed, you can count on Pay Day Loan.

pay day loan

It is your financial problem solution because they give you the best approached of your problems. You can get approval for financial loan within a day. Once your proposal of financial help is approved, you will be contacted by them and they will help you with certain discussion in what kind of pay day loan program that is fits on you. The right course that you made with the experts of pay day loan, you will wash your worries away of your financial problem. You can get your receive pay day loan by the next business day when you are finalized your financial problem with pay day loan. There is no certain requirement for you when you are sign up for this program. It is very easy process for your cash advance.

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Blognetwork Indonesia, Indonesian first blog network

Monday, May 26, 2008 2 comments

If you are indonesian people, you can join 'blognetwork indonesia', that is the first indonesian blog network. And what so interesting about this blognetwork is that they do optimize our blog to earn more dollar. Or in other hand, we can say that blognetwork indonesia maximalise your blog potention.

So is there any possibilities that blognetwork indonesia will accept blogger from other country? Well, not yet, i suppose. For now, blognetwork indonesia specialize on develop indonesian blogger, optimize their potention, maximalize their earning while keep do reguler blogging activity.

indonesian blognetwork
Yet brilliant idea, blognetwork indonesia help indonesian blogger by facilitate their blog to be monetized, while blogger keep do regular blogging activity. And what way to monetize their blog, you can see the details on blognetwork indonesia official site. You can left your comment on the site, as me will always welcome to any developing comments.

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Fiji islands, what a wonderful place

Friday, May 23, 2008 3 comments

Have you ever been go to Fiji? If you have not, then you must try it on you next summer holiday. Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and south of Tuvalu. The country occupies an archipelago of about 322 islands, of which 106 are permanently inhabited, and 522 islets. For me, it is the most exotic and wonderful place I've ever been big grin.

When you are planning to travel to Fiji, you will need a proper accommodation for your place to stay. 'Cheaper than hotels' can help you and gives you several useful information for your accommodation options. Cheaper than hotels will serve you with cheaper to luxurious accommodation in Fiji.

fiji exotic islands

Fiji hotels from cheaper than hotels gives you several options. You can get started with USD 20.00 for cheap Fiji hotel where you can have experience with Momi Bay Coral Coast Fiji. for the best and luxury one, Fiji and cheaper than hotels offers you with USD 85.00 at the Mocambo Hotel Nadi where you can have nice living experience in Fiji Islands.

In New Caledonia section, you can find other hotels. You can get it to Noumea Hotels, Vanuatu Hotels, and Cairns Hotels. For noumea hotels, you will get nice options for Le Pacifique Hotel. This hotel offers you their comfortable and convenient accommodation. If you are looking for the balance as traveler, with valued money and convenience accommodation, you can get it at the Nouvata Park Hotel New Caledonia with their three-star accommodation.

On the site of cheaper than hotels, you can search more than accommodation such as Fiji Hotels, Noumea Hotels in New Caledonia, Vanuatu Hotels, and Cairns Hotels. You also can get some hints and tips information about certain place you will came in.

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Magic baby come to the world, buyungupik

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 0 comments

Oh my God! is is true that buyungupik has borned to the world? then it is a great news! A very-small-size-baby, a cute one, but genious mind in other hand, has come to color the world.
He's the one who seek the PIS title, the title that can not be owned by every people, the title that not easy to grabbed. But he is willing, and he believe he can reach that. So let we give him support as we watch him grow and develop.

So are you telling me that you are curious about, what is buyungupik looks like?
Buyungupik, the blog, It is about his life and his journey to seek the PIS title. yeah i must be ask, what the hell PIS is all about? But its gonna be no more iteresting if i tell you right away, just visit his blog and you can read more about him, his life, and his ambition.

baby buyungupik
hi! am i cute enough? happy

More about buyungupik, his blog contains many fresh, funny, and informative writings. One of his writing that i love so much, is about his idea building the indonesian blog network. For me, its a brilliant one to have such an idea. And not stops on the idea, he is moving to build it right know, and for you who don't want to be left behind, should soon read his posting about blognetwork, and register your blog on the network.

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High quality planters to decorate your home

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 2 comments

Planterixchange is knows with their name of planter exchange. It is dedicated to the work of bringing you selection of residential and commercial planters via internet. Platerixchange offers you indoor planters, outdoor planters , and garden planters.

If you are searching indoor planters over this website, you will get 5 results. You can take a look of their form of product and if you want to see the details, you can just click over the product you choose. For example product for indoor planters is pop vase planter. Indoor planters is sometimes called as vase. But in planterixchange, you will get lot more differences and categories of it. Almost most of planters indoor here is hand made, so it will be very beautiful if you take in and put in your home decoration.
There is limited result for outdoor planters. You can choose only over set of two Sonoma planters or umbrella basket planter. For example if you choose umbrella basket planter, you will get one hundred per cent hand-finished piece. It will be fitted in your natural garden.

Garden planter is the most various types to choose. Over 162 garden planters result, you can easily get confuse in choosing one of them. Those planters give you different way of style. For example, capital gardens Windsor planters give you classic headboard design with fiberglass construction. It is fits on your natural garden and your resident.

Not only that, but you can find also, many other products like, Window Box Planters, Decorative Planters, and they also provide you with collection of lovely High End Planters.

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Elegant Lamps for home lightning

Saturday, May 17, 2008 1 comments

Farrey's is an online shopping with superior services. Farrey's gives you the best product for lighting,they have so many lamps product ,from elegant lamps , chandelier, home lighting,lighting fixtures and other lamps .

Fine Art Lamps has been a lighting design leader from its inception, with the expressed philosophy of doing new and original work to appeal to the growing market for fine products in good taste. Fabulous finishes are the company's forte, and many finishes take countless steps to achieve the desired effect.

chandelier lamp
Forecast continually leads decorative residential lighting with a depth and breath of design that is unmatched. Forecast delivers high value lighting with intrinsic quality crafted with skill and care. Forecast lighting is versatile enough to be adaptable for hospitality and light commercial applications.

Maxim lighting is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting fixtures in contemporary, traditional and transitional styles. Featuring many trend setting designs, Maxim lighting has created stylish and elegant high quality light fixtures for more than 30 years.

Shopping at become more easier and save a lot of your time no need a lot of effort to find which lamps you needed because all the kind lamps are available in so you doesn’t have to googling on the internet and make an survey .

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Play poker with strategy

Friday, May 16, 2008 3 comments

Playing online poker and make some cash it’s a hope for every poker player, but most of poker player are loosing when playing poker ,become an poker player need an skills strategy and long experience ,the easiest way to be an expert poker player is learn from the expert ,it will cut of the time curve learning and save lot money than you learn by your self make trial and error for each poker strategy.

But the good news is now you can learn to be an expert poker player at at their site you can learn gambling online ,if you register at their web you also can join at their poker room forum , has been established since 2005 them are the expert about gambling online.

poker game card

Basically they provide several service at their web ,it is poker videos you can view their professional players and learn from them , strategies menu ,here you can learn about the best strategies when playing poker , forum to share your experience and your problem with the other members ,also for newbie you can learn the term on is one stop place to learn poker online ,all information you need about gambling is available there .

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Download Lagu Indonesia Part II

, Thursday, May 15, 2008 0 comments

Download lagu indonesia, always be a great service to attract indonesian visitor. That's no doubt about that winking. But here in antiteori we give you download lagu indonesia at free cost, or in another word 'free of charge'. But please understand that this Indonesian song download feature, you can use it on your own risk, mean its completely your responsibility to use it.

Here's on the second season, you can find many popular singer artist consist of:
Afgan - terima kasih cinta, Naff kaulah hidup dan matiku, Glenn Fredly kisah yang salah, Seventeen selalu mengalah, Roulette aku selalu megalah, Numata raja jatuh cinta, Netral cinta memang gila, Angels & Airwaves everything's magic, MLTR sleeping child, and i'm gonna be around, and many mores.....surprise(wow!)

listening mp3 with ipod was a great way
the complete tracklist is consist of:
3 Diva 3-doors-down ada band Afgan Agnes Monica ahmad dhani amy winehouse Andhika Pratama Andity Andra and The Backbone Antique ape on the roof Ardina Rasty ari lasso Artist Profile audrey nicolas ayusitha BBB Bondan Prakoso itney spears bunga citra lestari cassanova Cristina Camacho D'cinnamond D'Masiv D.O.T Delon DEWA 19 Dygta Efek Rumah Kaca Elot Yamin Fade 2 Black fathir Five Minutes gigi Gita Gutawa Glenn Fredly grabielle gym class heroes Indo TOP 10 MP3 indonesian MP3 TOP HIT ST jessica simpson Jikustik Joey Mcintyre Juette kangen band kerispatih Letto nkin park Log Guns Maia Ratu Maq n D'Essentials marian dacal Maroon 5 matta band melly goeslaw Melon Puff Merpati Band metalca mp3 player review Mulan Jameela Muse Naff naif neo new mp3 player nicole schrezinger nidji Nikita Nine Ball nova eza Numanta Padi paul rossignani peter pan Pilot Band pingkan mambo prince product review raben raffi ahmad rama Ran ras muhammad republik Repvbk Rihanna Rini rossa Sabila samsons saykoji shanty She sherina Sherly-O simple plan siti nurhaza Slank snow patrol Sore soulja boy ST12 Syahrini T2 tangga Ten 2 Five The Changcuters the corrs the rock the squirts three days grace Tia AFI tiket tompi TOP 10 Indonesian MP3 U2 Ungu Ussy Sustiawati vagetoz vanessa carlton Wangsa white shoes and the couples Yellowcard

You can always download that indonesian song tracklist in indonesian no.1 mp3 source, or just by simply click here. And also ypu can also find your favorite song lyric at, the complete collection of indonesian song lyrics. You know it always a fun times to sing a song while you listening to it. therefore a song and a lyric it just a romeo and juliet, You can't seperate them, one come complete the other complement. big grin

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Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Monday, May 12, 2008 11 comments

Drug addicted can be a disaster for your life, it will make somebody will loose control in their life, If you or somebody you loved ones are addicted to drug or alcohol you can try drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehab ,There are so many drug treatment out there ,I will recommend to you or someone else which reading this article to try Drug rehabilitation from

no smoking pleasel is an drug rehabilitation center ,alcohol rehab and addiction treatment program center they are located in Los Angeles Country north of Zuma beach and overlooks the pacific ocean ,they have an beautiful views ,great services ,from the transportation ,fitness area, beautiful architecture ,wireless internet and so many great services.

Every year millions of American people seek drug treatment, some of them getting better but some of them are not getting better, for chronic drug abusers to get sober ,but the good news at they have experience to treat the drug addict and alcohol addict.

For more information you can call the contact support at 800-501-1988 toll free,
Or you can learn more at their web first to get more information about drug and alcohol rehab ,I suggested don’t delay the way to heal contact them now and register for drug treatment for you or your friend which suffer drug abuse .

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Earth The Movie, You Must Really really Watch This Movie !!

Sunday, May 11, 2008 1 comments

Earth The Movie, You Must Really really Watch This Movie !!
Polar bear earth the movie
Last Friday, i spare some time to watch cinema at Blitz megaplex in Grand Indonesia mall. It was already planned that i watch the movie titled "Earth" The movie, that im dieing to watch this movie. And so, Im strongly recommend you to watch this movie, its not even a recommendatin, its a MUST! I like this movie very much, and commonlyt every living creature that want to share the earth for each other will also love this movie.

Though, there're also several reasons, why i like this movie so much. First, it was true that i am a nature lover, im even join the 'Pencinta alam' organization once i still in senior high school time. Second, i really enjoy to see a movie with many great-amazing-extraordinary scenery, LOTR is one of the good example but no one will compete March of the penguin and Earth the movie.

earth the movie wallpaper
(note: picture taken from loveearth site)

But again you are not me, either im not your self, but still i encourage you to watch this movie. Trust me, if you at least care about our earth, it will worth your time. For me its a very inspiring movie (although its made on somekind of documentarial epic movie, but it still great), after watching earth the movie i believe, every hearth of us will be called to be more concern about our earth, since we share this planet to others, including other human, mammals, reptile, animal, and plants, and since we dont want to loose em, mostly we dont want to live alone on this luck-beautiful-planet.
Lynx behind trees
The robust mystical lynx

More on earth the movie its worth your time to visit their official website on loveearth. you may find many fascinating story and picture from that site. Honestly, you should know how our world that create by The God Almighty was so beautiful, thats really beautiful with every single living creature that live on it, including us, human.

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Sedo Parking review - In my opinion

, Wednesday, May 7, 2008 2 comments

Hi dude, ever hear the word domain parking ? well in simply word it is a way to park your domain and put an advertising to it. Well, in this case when one page is consist of almost all is ads, you wouldnt ask me how the CTR(click through rate) is?

How to start? well, you need to got at least one domain, and that domain, not used. Sow how to make not used domain to be a money maker, or at least you can pay the domain registration cost

tukang parkir pemula

Well, i will make it short, So what you need to do? First make your account at sedo, than register your domain name to their database. Later, you can customize your domain layout design using template provided by sedo.

Oh yeah, one more thing to be noted. you need a personal email account to register your account (free service email like yahoo or gmail wont work). One of the good trick im used to take is make an email account at grin

And how about the web sample, you can see it on moviebe - a movie holic station web.

So How is the potention of the income? well, in my capacity i would prefer not to answer that. But based on my instinct as true internet entepreuner, i would say its huge.

And how to drive traffic to a parked domain, is another problem to solve, i suggest you find another referention but my writing.big grin . and not to forget promote my site, you can see all my bedah seo file here.

But anyway, im just a newbie in this kind of business industry, what i wanna review is just a very small part of it, you can see more details on tukang parkir senior blog at ronys.

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And get free download lagu indonesia list on here as the bonus ! winking

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Index of/mp3/Download Lagu Indonesia

, Monday, May 5, 2008 0 comments

Congratz, for music lover. This time buyungupik want to share the complete list of latest download lagu indonesia list, arranged alphabetically FROM A to Z ! .

Yeah crazy you can find even both indonesian songs and english song. From Afgan to Yovie and Nuno, symbolized A as the first letter and Y as the last letter, since i cant find singer or group band name starting with Z letter. Any idea?

And here is the list index of/mp3 lagu indonesia that im talking about:

ANyway, special thanks to mp3multiply for providing mp3 to antiteori, thanks Mul, i owe you this time. For your information mp3multiply is one of my friend's mp3 website, i used to call him mul. And what great from mp3multiply is that non only we can download lagu indonesia gratis but also request for mp3 (mp3 request). You can find it on the right sidebar of mp3multiply homepage. keep reading my writing, and wait for my next posting will ya?

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Sandra dewi bugil on the sandbox

, Sunday, May 4, 2008 3 comments

Oh my god...whats wrong with previous post, sandra dewi bugil again??? not even indexed in google? Why? It's im accussed as keyword spammer? Should be not i think, coz i made it as SEO experimental study, and i believe google love SEO . Or in the other hand my site getting on google sandbox?

When i'm searching on google about sandra dewi bugil again, im only about to find my writing on blogindonesia , its a kind of indonesian blog directory, you may submit your blog there free as well as me.

Well, like i said before, there's always a second chance, 3rd , even 4th for doesn't matter if i failed shooting sandra dewi bugil keyword for this time, i will keep tryin until i make it .

And here is a bunch of sandra dewi keyword, whom my post about it not even indexed on google, hope this time i can make it.

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Yeah yeah the must-done-ritual for every each posting related with sandra dewi nude, sanda dewi nude picture. .
. But honestly i think she's got a talent there..on the entertainment world.

And its done.

So all long conversation just about spaming keyword and a few topic about sandra dewi seksi and cinta laura seksi? No bonus picture?? of course it is.

sandra dewi nude
She's definetly beautiful and sexy, isn't she?

Oh yeah i do a little SEO customize at the picture as well, im adding the alt and title tag, hope that make the picture more seo-friendly. Oh yeah, you can also see my other post about SEO here at bedah seo section.
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Sandra dewi bugil | again, sandra dewi bugil ?

, Saturday, May 3, 2008 4 comments

Sandra dewi bugil..again?? after sandra dewi bugil on SEO1 , sandra dewi bugil on SEO2, sandra dewi vs cinta laura seksi, and sandra dewi bugil as magic word, now sandra dewi bugil final part??

emm who knows..

what im sure about that everybody like my posting about sandra dewi bugil

and here is for sure bunch of sandra dewi keyword..

You can see all sandra dewi keyword on sandra dewi bugil in sandbox post.

First i need to define this post. warning :this absolutely not a porn content post ! absolutely not.
This post was made in purpose of SEO course, which other part of it i put on bedah seo section, if u have some time plese look around.

sandra dewi bugil

When i wrote this post, im lookin to my extreme tracking.. and wow. I found my traffic quite suprising, breaking the last limit. over 250 ! hihihi, i think all that tiring struggle paid in satisfiing outcome. anyway im not really sure too, is it my traffic will break the 300 number or not??

So what is about my next goal?? 1000 visitor a day? just pray for me so i can achieve that, and i can use the seleb titile blog with BSP title..what is BSP in bahasa indonesian it is mean Blog Seribu Pengunjung, ha3 or in englis a thousand visitors blog...hope i can reach it soon. So guys keep tune of my blog, and support me so i can achieve the next goal ! hope..

anyway, any question about SEO just write it down on the comment box, i will answer it as far as my knowledge

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Sandra dewi bugil still a magic word

, Thursday, May 1, 2008 4 comments

First, tryin to be critical the right title should be Sandra dewi bugil still a magic phrase not Sandra dewi bugil still a magic word. But its not so important. What is important that all that SEO attempt this time has done very well, like i said before dont be desperate if somethin that you want is not come right after your first attempt, it need some time to be success. .

sandra dewi bugil
After three last similar topic post here, here, and here. Now the statistic report, this last 3 days i have generate traffic more than i expect. Approximately i generate more than 150 traffic a day now. that in particular circumstances that I'm write this post in English, the effect will be more effective if you write in Bahasa Indonesia.

For you who want to know it more details you can see it at here you will see the exact number on the last 20 day traffic details.

Anyway there's any other thing that stealing my attention, unexpectedly my post about sandra dewi bugil quite attract attention from some of my antiteori blog reader, one of them is mr.pertamax, he said that he like my posting about sandra dewi nude,hihihi . But anyway, i still appreciate for their response, because that means people pay attention about what i am writing, even better if my posting useful for they who read it.

Mmm..btw, you know...this is the most late posting I'm ever wrote...exactly at 1.15 am . So late, isn't it?? But I'm not waiting purposeless, first i love to update my blog. And the second, the main cause actually, i want to watch Champion League match, it is between Chelsea and Liverpool held in Stamford Bridge. Which one I'm bet on? i will prefer to bet on Liverpool rather Chelsea...sadly after my favorite team, Barcelona, failed to pass Manchester United games. .

For now i will be just an ordinary Liverpool supporter, as long as i know ' i will never walk alone'.
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