The Silver Truth of Silver

Sunday, July 13, 2008 0 comments

Silver.. usually it's branded as 2nd grade compared to gold. Maybe silver is not as shiny as gold does, but silver is more than just a colour, silver (Argentum) is used in photography, dental compounds, solder, brazing, electrical contacts, batteries, mirrors, and printed circuits. Silver is used as coinage in many countries. There are just so many uses of silver! But what seems to be the most "hidden" truth about silver is that silver is that silver is germicidal and may be used to kill many lower organisms without harm to higher organisms, mankind has used silver since the era of the ancient, silver is used to store foods to prevent spoilage, the chinese (usually the emperor's food tester) uses silver chopstick to avoid eating poisonous foods, etc.

Today, many scientist have tried to rise the fame of silver once again, they have conducted many research on the use of silver for human body, and the result is just great, silver is said to be better than antibiotics since silver does not create super resistant bacteria like antibiotic does, and silver doesn't only kill bacteria, it can also kill viruses, yeasts, fungus, etc without harming the human body. Off course, don't think that we must actually eat whole solid silver for getting its benefit, scientist has found the way for us to consume silver easily by making Colloidal Silver. Sadly, there are so many "fakes" colloidal silver in the market, but the easiest way for us to seek the True Colloidal Silver is by looking at its colour, True Colloidal Silver will not be clear like water (though most of us will think so), instead it will be amber coloured. So, if you are interested on trying this "magic" of the silver, why dont you try taking the Liquid Colloidal Silver? Just a tablespoon daily and you have just maintained the most priceless thing in this world, your health! :)

colloidal silver

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Shopping For Mailbox

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 0 comments

Last month, I was shopping for my garden renovation plan. I bought flowers, grass, trees, ordered a new fence, new statues for the pond, etc.. And today I just realized that everything is new but one! My mailbox is still the same rusty mailbox from the day I bought my house! The rusty mailbox fits my old garden perfectly, but it just can't be there on my new freshly renovated garden! I need to get a new mailbox!

So.. I asked my friends, roam the town and all I found is just the same rusty old modeled mailbox (it’s not rusty if you buy a new one though).. then I use the internet to search for it, spend a little time to browse the net through google and.. I found it! At last I find mailbox with different models! Well.. the word "different" isn't really appropriate since it's not only different.. its way better too! There are so many choices there and it just confuses me since many of them fits into the theme of my garden.. all I have to do is just pick one of them and wait for its delivery.. hmm... I just can't wait to dispose my old rusty mailbox..

rusty mailbox

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