Download MP3 Via Multiply or by MP3Multiply ?

, Saturday, March 29, 2008 1 comments

Download MP3 via multiply? are u still do it? leave it, its the old-fashion-way

antiteori download mp3 via multiply
im find a new and better solution, Mp3multiply, mp3 player review and best mp3 download site

MP3Multiply is one of the best mp3 download site for indonesian song. You can always find the latest indonesia hit there, including most wanted song, rising star band, and indonesian top ten song.

So who are you lookin for delon featuring irene mp3 ? nidji top up mp3? andra and the backbone latest hit - main hati? or maliq and d'essentials by dia ?

the site itself already well, even better you can request mp3 there. You can find the 'request mp3' button at the right sidebar of the site !

I bet it, you will never regret to visit the site !

And furthermore, if you find that site is rockin please also tell your friend about mp3multiply site

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Convert to be a Legal MP3 Downloader

Thursday, March 27, 2008 2 comments

Well, you know most of mp3 download site all over the web is illegal. And you should know that being a legal downloader is not that hard, and its not spend your bucks too much.

Believe me, there are more benefits for you to be a legal mp3 downloader rather than the illegal one. MP3 that you get from Legal Download Site has a high quality sound compared than a illegal one. Moreover Download 100% legal mp3 on is only cost you 0.15$ each track, they're even give you more 10% discount every time you bought the whole album tracks with a cost below 1.5$. See, no need to make you broke to be a good legal music lover . is a great site, I'm pretty sure about that. They have a great user friendly layout. And what makes me fall in love with it is their up to date Music News section. They're also provide you with a complete and professional Album Reviews. I mean, they're really coddling their customer.

The site, itself, has two preferable language, english and russians. Me? of course im use English, since i don't understand Russians language . They have a simply beautiful design layout, which is very easy to understand. Moreover they have search facility which, of course, help you find your favorite music you like to download.

Well, as a closing paragraph i would like to say, like it is oftenly said, that piracy is a crime, right?
Though, buying an original album will support your favorite artist to keep exist and entertaining you

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What is The Best Webhosting Service ?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 6 comments

Hi guys and gals. here i am back posting after sometime vacuum of blogging. By the way im bring a good news here, i've just found great website named kaushalsheth.

I like the site mostly because its provide you blogger, very informative issue like free beta blogger templates and free wordpress themes. But the article i've just recently read, which is really give me clue of webhosting is guide to web hosting. they call hostmonster as one of the three best webhosting company, more details you can read at here.
Yeah you know about web hosting right? as described in wikipedia

"A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to be located in their data center, called colocation" .

But you know picking a good web hosting service could be a hard task, and finding the best web hosting service, that could be a very serious task ;).

I had once hosting my site in indonesian's web hosting companya called rumahweb, and frankly i had to say that im dissapointed by their service, even more im being charge a quite expensive price for that kind of service. And i think that their techical support a little unproffesional, and not really humble. Yeah you know its my personal opinion, you may not to believe it either.

So im suggest if you are serious about blogging take some of your time and visit this site, its really add my knowledge about blogging, and other blogging things, so should you.

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Make Your Kitchen Work Easier

Friday, March 21, 2008 0 comments

Did Kitchen Job make you tired and boring? easy mate, as i just recently purchased food processor, i will tell you how kitchen job is no more annoying.

Well, i've just bought a kitchen equipment stuff called food processor, and frankly it's help me much. It simply make me enjoy my daily kitchen job !

How is that food processor stuff work? well, basicly you just need to mix all ingredient you want and blend it into one. Now that what we call 'time saver'. However Food processor itself has many tipes yet. And which one you gonna buy it still depend on your needs and budget

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What is Settlement Factoring System? Are You Familiar with That Phrase ?


A structured settlement factoring transaction describes the selling of future structured settlement payments / cash structured settlement payments (or, more accurately, rights to receive the future structured settlement payments). People who receive structured settlement payments (for example, the payment of personal injury damages over time instead of in a lump sum at settlement) may decide at some point that they need more money in the short term than the periodic payment provides over time. People's reasons are varied but can include unforeseen medical expenses for oneself or a dependent, the need for improved housing or transportation, education expenses and the like. To meet this need, the structured settlement recipient can sell (or, less commonly, encumber) all or part of their future periodic payments for a present lump sum.

Structured settlements experienced an explosion in use beginning in the 1980s.The growth is most likely attributable to the favorable federal income tax treatment such settlements receive as a result of the 1982 amendment of the tax code to add § 130. Internal Revenue Code § 130 provides, inter alia, substantial tax incentives to insurance companies that establish “qualified” structured settlements. There are other advantages for the original tort defendant (or casualty insurer) in settling for payments over time, in that they benefit from the time value of money (most demonstrable in the fact that an annuity can be purchased to fund the payment of future periodic payments, and the cost of such annuity is far less than the sum total of all payments to be made over time). Finally, the tort plaintiff also benefits in several ways from a structured settlement, notably in the ability to receive the periodic payments from an annuity (from selling annuities ) / annuities that gains investment value over the life of the payments, and the settling plaintiff receives the total payments, including that “inside build-up” value, tax-free.

However, a substantial downside to structured settlements comes from their inherent inflexibility. To take advantage of the tax benefits allotted to defendants who choose to settle cases using structured settlements, the periodic payments must be set up to meet basic requirements [set forth in IRC 130(c)]. Among other things, the payments must be fixed and determinable, and cannot be accelerated, deferred, increased or decreased by the recipient. For many structured settlement recipients, the periodic payment stream is their only asset. Therefore, over time and as recipients’ personal situations change in ways unpredicted at the settlement table, demand for liquidity options rises. To offset the liquidity issue, most structured settlement recipients, as a part of their total settlement, will receive an immediate sum to be invested to meet the needs not best addressed through the use of a structured settlement. Beginning in the late 1980s, a few small financial institutions started to meet this demand and offer new flexibility for structured settlement payees.

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Get Rid Of The Blood Sucker, Mosquito Misting Solution !


You know that guys, if you found your house full of nasty mosquito creature. You must read this article, absolutely.

Well you need to get rid of that bastard creature sucking your blood right? you will need to have mosquito misting. I've found a great site where you can find mosquito misting system. that service has over 20 years reputation of that mosquito control service.

The MistAway System uses a biodegradable insecticide derived from the Chrysanthemum flower called Pyrethrin. Yes it is natural and biodegradable so it safe for our environment too

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How Has Music Changed Your Life ? [Yahoo Answers

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 0 comments

Well honestly, im find this interesting post in yahoo answer.
The topic, very inspiring, How has music changed your life?

And this is what im talking about,

The author, as described before, asking a clisse question
How has music changed your life?

And there were so many answer reply, like

I would be dead without music.

It gives me somewhere to run to...

i would die without music, when im mad,sad,tired,or when i have a headache, i listen to it

there's also some quite sceptical opinion,

music is not really a important thing in my life and I basically feel everyone only listen to it when they need to otherwise life is full other things to do. its not like music is keeping us alive but instead we got other things to live on or to live for!!!

and there's also someone answering with quite-long-enough-paragraph,

After learning the piano, I discovered a talent of my own. I learned new knowledge that people who do not learn the piano do not have. I became popular in school because of my talent, and joined many competitions and made several new friends along the way.
Talking about listening to pop songs, after hearing them, I got to know more about the singers and their backgrounds. I often check out the singers' official websites and go to Wikipedia to find out more about the singers.

But from all answer replied this is the best answer, picked by the question author himself,

Evelyn, Music sets my mood on many a day.
When I was younger I played nothing but country western & I played it loud in the house so I could hear it no matter what room I was in. When my brothers where in WW2 and a song came on that I remembered them playing the guitar to or singing or dancing to. I cred my eyes out for them. That is the only time I had to turn it off, for my sake. I was little sis to them back then. Now as a GrandMother I love other music as well, especially gospel. Right now there is an instrumental playing softly as I type. It is so relaxing & soothing.
Thanks for the memories Evelyn.

So How about you? what's your answer...How Has Music Changed Your Life?
Is there anybody has another good answer? im looking forward for your comment here ;)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Oh yeah one more thing to tell you all. This is my personal recommendation actually , watch this movie titled "August Rush" . Think it fit the post at most :)

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Sounds of Music , Science of Music

Sunday, March 16, 2008 0 comments

Maybe you’ve never really considered yourself very musical. Maybe you quit the flute three months after you picked it up. That’s okay. Music is in all of us, and even just by popping a CD into the stereo, you’re tapping into its power.

Well, seems you already understand the term Sounds of music, you can easily hear it by your both ears right?
Now, how about Science of Music? WOW thats pretty damn interesting ! read on, you will never get bored.

Why does my singing sound so great in the bathroom ?
Well, your shower works like a low-tech sound mixer to modify your voice to improve its sound.

Why do some song get stuck in my head?
they are called earworms, described it as a cognitive itch, created by a catchy tune.

Why does sad music sound sad?
a sense of sadness oftenly made by a minor chord, the factor of chord, and tempo affect us much for what we called feeling of sadness.
Why do i hear the bass from my neighbour stereo, but not the treble ?
Well, in a little complicated way to explain, the sound doing some attenuation and reflection. The treble sound is a higher-frequency-one that happen to loss its power when delivered to such a distance.

Now i know it ! Tell you before its gonna worth to read !

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Music For Intelligence ?

Saturday, March 15, 2008 2 comments

Hi Guyz, how are u doin? Not like usually, i will post a slightly different topic today. A little though one in fact. However this is such a great article i've found across the web. And believe me, its worth to read !

Music for Intelligence.
Is That Possible? How can that be?
Brain development is still incomplete at birth. Early experiences that stimulate the brain are involved in enhancing its neural growth. A child's brain develops its full potential with exposure to enriching experiences in early childhood. These stimuli received during the early parts of childhood are thus crucial to brain growth and connections made in nerve cell networks. Studies indicate that early exposure to musical training helps a child's brain reach its potential by generating neural connections utilized in abstract reasoning.

The reasoning skills required for a test in spatial reasoning are the same ones children use when they listen to music. Children use these reasoning skills to order the notes in their brain to form the melodies. Also, some concepts of math must be understood in order to understand music. Experts speculate that listening to music exercises the same parts of the brain that handle mathematics, logic, and higher level reasoning.

Below are a few studies reinforcing the correlation between music and intelligence.

Music vs. Computers

In 1997 a study involving three groups of preschoolers was conducted to determine the effect of music versus computer training on early childhood development. One group received private piano/keyboard training and singing lessons. A second group received computer training, and a third/control group did not receive any special training. The group that received the piano/keyboard training scored 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability than either of the other two groups. These results suggest that music enhances certain higher brain functions, particularly abstract reasoning skills, required in math and science.

Naming Body Parts

The use of music in training four and five year old children yielded the highest improvement in the ability to name body parts. A control group did not receive any training, a second group received verbal instructions, and a third group received verbal instructions plus acting out movements. The final group had a song coordinated with the verbal instructions and a dance coordinated with the acting out movements. Although the three experimental groups displayed an increase in their ability to name body parts the music group exhibited the highest degree of improvement.

Kodaly Training

First grade students received extensive Kodaly training for seven months. Kodaly training involves the use of folk songs and emphasis on melodic and rhythmic elements. At the end of seven months the experimental group had higher reading scores than the control group, which did not receive any special treatment. Not only did the seven month instruction increase reading scores, but continued musical training proved to be beneficial. The experimental group continued to show higher reading scores with continued training.

SAT scores

Data reveals a correlation between arts education, including music, and SAT scores. Students who were involved in arts education achieved higher SAT scores. The longer students were involved in arts education, the higher the increase in SAT scores. This study also correlated arts education with higher scores in standardized tests, reading, English, history, citizenship, and geography. An individual's socioeconomic status plays a role in the attainment of arts education. The higher an individual's socioeconomic status, the greater the likelihood of participation in arts education. To account for the advantage given by a relatively higher socioeconomic status, the same studies were done with a focus on students with a relatively lower socioeconomic status. The results indicated that students with a relatively lower socioeconomic status, that were exposed to arts education, had an advantage over those students without any arts education which was proportionally equal to the students with a relatively higher socioeconomic status and exposure to arts education.


Music exposure affects older students as well. Three groups of college students were exposed to either Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos, K448, a relaxation tape, or silence. The group exposed to the Mozart piece was the only group to achieve an increase on the spatial IQ test. Further studies revealed that neither dance music nor taped short stories produced an increase in spatial IQ similar to the Mozart piece. The increase in spatial IQ appears to be related to some unique aspects of the Mozart piece rather than music in general. The experimenters chose the piece because they felt its musical structure facilitated cognitive processing in the brain and music lacking sufficient complexity would result in interference with abstract reasoning.

Music may not only be related to intelligence by its stimulation of the brain, but it may also increase intelligence by the type of attitudes, interests, and discipline it fosters in children. Some believe that music gives children the self-confidence to achieve and that self-confidence spreads to other areas of education outside of music. With the increase of self-confidence, children may change their attitudes and aspirations toward academics. Music is also believed to increase interest in academic learning. One study revealed that when children were exposed to traditional Japanese and Chinese music, or other slow pieces, and paired with movements, such as Yoga and Tai chi, children became calmer and were better able to focus. This calming effect allows children to have a greater focus on learning. Music also improves students' listening skills. Furthermore, discipline required to learn and play music is beneficial to academic achievement.

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Jasa Pencairan Cek Adbrite - Cair Dalam 10 Hari

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 3 comments

Halo teman2 netter.
Sori kalo lama ga posting, apalagi pake bahasa tercinta, bahasa indonesia (pdhl inggrisnya juga belepotan :p), jadi kangen juga posting pake bahasa indo.

Baru hari ini bisa posting, karena kemarin lagi sibuk dengan proyek baru aku yakni
Jasa Pencairan Cek Adbrite.

Kami dapat membantu mencairkan cek anda hanya dalam 10 hari kerja.
Syarat dan Ketentuan yang perlu anda penuhi sebagai berikut :
1. Jumlah nominal cek yang akan dicairkan minimal 50US$, dan maksimal 250US$

2. Potongan yang dikenakan sebagai biaya jasa pencairan cek adalah 20US$

3. Cek ditulis atas Nama Saya. Hal ini dilakukan untuk mempercepat proses pencairan cek, sekaligus memperkecil resiko yang mesti saya tanggung sebagai pihak pencair cek.

4. Uang Jaminan sebesar Rp 50.000,-

Uang hasil pencairan Cek akan diberikan dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut :

1. Terdapat 2 pilihan:
A. Melalui Rekening BCA
B. Melalui Paypal

2. Cek akan cair setelah 7 - 10 hari kerja semenjak cek diterima.

3. Uang Jaminan akan dikembalikan apabila cek yang dibalikan valid dan dapat dicairkan, bersama dengan transfer uang hasil pencairan cek.


contoh cek adbrite


Buat temen netter, khususnya yang pebisnis internet, buyungupik mohon support masukan dan dukungannya yah, tolong tinggalin komentarnya yah plisss, sebab saya mau mendengar dan melihat tanggapan dan respon temen2 atas jasa pencairan cek adbrite yang baru ku buat.

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Sandra Dewi, Beautiful and Sexy

, Sunday, March 9, 2008 1 comments

Sandra Dewi?? You know her well right?

What is the first word to speak, when u thinking about Sandra Dewi

For me?
Sandra Dewi definetely Beautiful and Sexy

go will see her more

sandra dewi (7)
"You wanna piece of me??"

sandra dewi (10)
"If i was just 10 years younger, i wish i were that boy"

Here you go, You wanna see her sexy photo right?
Antiteori provide it just for antiteori lovely readers..

"wow, georgeus!"
She's begin to famous since she's playing on Quickie express. Later, she's challenge herself to appear in indonesian adult magazine, FHM. so sexy

"Youre the best my girl"

Yet, I just analize keyword query for "Sandra Dewi"
"Urutan 1 - 10 dari sekitar 754,000 hasil penelusuran untuk sandra dewi."
defeating Mey Chan and Mulan Jameela in a row.
Somethin interesting, I found many query for Sandra Dewi such, Sandra Dewi Nude, Foto bugil sandra dewi, foto sexy sandra dewi, sandra dewi FHM, thats such keyword that boy would search.

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Antiteori New Link Landing Page

, Saturday, March 8, 2008 0 comments

Hi guys, whats up??
Im gonna inform you all, a little change on this blog
well, since lately some antiteori fans complaining about how slow this site loading, i think have to make a move.
So i start to fix the layout, and i search to find what attribute that make this blog loading so slow.
So finally i had to make a little dissapointing change, is to relocate the antiteori link's section.
So for that act, buyungupik frankly aplogize for all friends who feel loss about that.

But Don't Worry
There's always a wayout of every problem right??

The Solution. I make a new antiteori landing page which can you access here
Im also make two anchor link from the homepage. One located on the header menu button, and one again on the sidebar, in Friend of antiteori's section.

And in return, i make not one, not two, but three anchor links pointing to all of antiteori friend's blog, which on antiteori new link page.

Well, i think its quite fair right? i guess the problem solved right away :)

dont worry,be happy!

Any suggestion, please leave your comment ;)

image acquired from google image.
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Gita Gutawa Music Collection, Sempurna.MP3

Friday, March 7, 2008 1 comments

Well, your day is not perfect yet, without this song
Sempurna sing by Gita Gutawa , compose by Andra and the Backbone.

This cute sweet little gal, really know how to sing, and i said her voice is fabulous

Then she's come out with her very first album titled Gita Gutawa with her single Bukan Permainan.
Gita Gutawa - Bukan Permainan
Even better, she's come put as a winner in Egypt singing festival, carrying Sempurna song, which was compose by andra and the backbone band.
Gita Gutawa - Sempurna - OST Love

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HOT MP3 Album Collection Download : Maia VS Mulan Jameela, ingat kamu mp3, mahluk tuhan paling seksi.

Thursday, March 6, 2008 0 comments

Those chicks belong to a soulmate before, now they've changed into enemy.

Maia Estianty ( Maia Ahmad, formerly Maia from Duo Ratu) Publish her New Album titled Maia and Friends and with her single Ingat Kamu and EGP (Emang Gue Pikirin)

Ingat Kamu .MP3 - Download
EGP (Emang Gue Pikirin) .MP3 - Download

Mulan Jameela
Answering Maia's challange of wars, Mulan Jameela also launchin new album titled Mahluk Tuhan Paling Seksi, with her very first single (as Mulan Jameela, formerly Mulan Kwok).

Mahluk Tuhan Paling Seksi .MP3 - Download

So guys, please enjoy the match ;)
Which one do you think better, Im lookin forward for your comment.

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Old Friends Of Mine

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