Notification : Mobik SMS is CLOSED for indonesian user !

, Friday, December 28, 2007

mobik sms id death

No..No it is not Antiteori Blog which closed, No Way ;)

The bad news is...
Notification : Mobik sms is CLOSED for indonesian user !

I've just make sure of it. From Now on Mobik SMS is Closed for indonesian public.
I Know it by two things :
(1) Many of my friends , mostly my loyal blog reader who tell me that's mobik sms in not able to be used anymore. Moreover, i receive many message from my reader that, there had been error during the registration process.
(2) My account itself already suspended, and i can't send a free SMS message no more

Looks its pretty clear what that things suppose to means.
INDONESIAN member are being totally SUSPENDED
In what reason? In my opinion, it still the classic cause. Indonesians are not quite Profitable for marketing & commercial purpose.
pathetically but not less containins truth =)

But please not to worry, as soon I find the the free sms server subtitute, i will tell u right away within my next post =)

For them who has joined and being my refferal i apologize for this uncomfortableness =)

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