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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Concert.. Have you been on a concert before? I myself LOVES concert!! being able to see your favorite musician with your own two eyes, listening to their music directly through your ears, and the chance of taking a pictures/signatures from them is just... priceless! Sure.. There are prices you have to pay for getting all those excitement..

First and foremost, you need the TIME! This one, I don’t have to explain, right? What’s the point of all the preparations if you can’t be there on time? (By “on time” means you have to be there BEFORE the concert begins)

Second, you need the ENERGY! This one, I really have to tell you.. Be healthy! The concert won’t be fun anymore if you are not on your best condition.. Getting milled around for hours is just tiring.. Trust me; prepare yourself well before going to a concert!
Third, well being the last one doesn’t means that it’s not important.. You need MONEY! There aren’t many free concerts out there.. Most of those concerts needs you to pay certain amount of money to get the tickets.. Well, to make it worse, getting those tickets is not a really easy thing to do either..

Well, I can't help you with the first and second, those you have to prepare yourself.. But I think I can help you with the third one! I’ve just got a really huge help from an online ticket exchange portal.. Well, you might turn away the first time you hear this kind of story, Actually.. I also did that.. But my friend keeps telling me about how easy and how secure it is, and I also need to got those tickets on my hands anyway.. So I tried it once.. And several times after that.. And.. Wow! I never thought getting good tickets could be this easy! say goodbye to queuing for hours! (Some people even do it for DAYS) All I have to do is search the event from the list, place the order, and get the ticket.. and that’s it! Easy, simple and secure!

Now.. There will be some big concerts in front of us! Thinking of getting either the Reading Festival Tickets, Leeds Festival Tickets, or O2 Wireless Tickets, or .. (Insert any concerts name here) Tickets? Well, There is always the first time for something.. Why don’t you try getting those tickets online now?

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