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Dear friends all over the world,i just want say hello and also sorry because its already long time for me to have a chance to update this blog ;) i got new hobby, guess what? I learn magic now. I learn how to turn torch to a rose, i learn how to throw a fire from my hand, I even learn how to fly..

Ya learn magic is mean to be a Magician. yeah like mr.Deddy Corbuzier or mr. Demian Aditya..who i admire so much :D
Illusion is one of the great magic ever exist :)

Okay okay i tell you the secret which every other magician won't tell you. It is true that magician has a special talent in SPEED..yeah you won't imagine how fast their hand move on, take the card than change it into a jumbo card. But most of them lie about supernatural skill. hahaha . To be honest, most of em using tools ,and you can buy it on the magic online shop, like the one i used to shop .

I warn you it's not a paid review. Really it is not! so G don't punish me for somethin i didn't do. Ah screw Google..i don't even care again about Page Rank and Alexa. Life only once..and it's better if you fill it up with something usefull and you like it.

Ciao..i'll see you around on my next post :D

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