Antiteori is Back, Just Like Magic!

, , , , Saturday, November 26, 2011

Geez, it's been like century I haven't updated this blog. Well...a century passed like an hour..don't u think so. I have several website actually some of it talks about trik sulap and pempek palembang. And both of em, which, i haven't updated for so many times, i wrote almost exactly opening sentence...speaking about how 'time is literally flies' it doesn't walk nor it walks. Lol, dramatic but quite true.

So know why all of a sudden, rewrite this blog?

Well basically sharing is caring, and writing for public is one form of sharing. And let's just say that i somehow quite like to write...and to be true, by writing it boost up your blog popularity too isn't it? just like a sulap perhaps (note: sulap means magic in bahasa)

How about business? Yeah of course, I got some business to run therefore i got my business. Even though a real business won't burden you so much on business. And yeah we'll talk about this later okay.

PS: I found this image is really funny so i just put it to tell you it feels good to be back :)

Now what is important is this blog is officially reactivated. just like my another personal blog which written in bahasa the infamous buyungupik , lol.

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.

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