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Monday, February 25, 2008

Yup all of you must be know about Ganesha, Right, it is a symbol of one of wellknown university in Indonesia that located at Bandung, West Java. Ganesha itself, is a form of God in Hindustan believers, that beliefs to bring success for people.

Ganesha, the symbol of ITB University

Ganesha, The Statue, in Hindustan beliefs

Well, do you know that we can get an inspiration from the Ganesha.

Inspiration From Lord Ganesha ( in local language, Ganeshjee)

Lord Ganesha's big head , inspires us to think big and profitably

The Big ears, propmt us to listen patiently to new ideas and suggestion

The Narrow Eyes, poin to deep concentration needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly

The Long Nose, tells us to poke around inquistively to learn more,

and The small mouth remind us to speak less and listen more.

Sorry yah nulisnya dalam bahasa inggris, karena kang buyung lagi keranjingan belajar bahasa inggris, dan kata orang dulu "the best way to learn , is by practice it your self", Yah udah deh dicoba aja, meskipun banyak Voceb dan Grammar yang babak belur. Tapi Gakpapa , hajar aja bLeh :)

Kalo ada yang kesulitan membaca bahasa inggris, nih ada kamus inggris-indo gratis di sini
Oh ya kalo ada salah kata, dan penggunannya harap di kritik yah :p

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