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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 is not doubt the first indonesian paid review network owned by cosa aranda. Interesting to try something new, i decide to try this new advertising method.

In that chance i was perform to be an advertiser ( it means i who ask blogger to write about my site) and this time i aim to promote my brand new magic online shop named .

Okay, straightly this is my opinion about in the point of view of an advertiser:
Reviewmu account management system is bad. mostly the financial system.
Reviewmu customer service was slow to response, they even hanging my email for more than 2 days withous any response. even until now, i still got no solution form them. And my overall experience as advertiser on reviewmu program was BAD! That way i'm not sure they can maintain a good relationship with the advertiser, as well if there no advertiser means there are no jobs for the blogger too.

So now, i still wait for their further act according to my problem at , i'm wondering will they fix the system or not.

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.
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