Sandra Dewi Bugil on SEO Oriented Point of View ?

, Monday, April 21, 2008

wew this is the second attempt of shooting keyword on Sandra Dewi Bugil .Whats wrong with the search engine? why it wont index to posting level, just on the homepage...or it is right what one of my friend told me, that nowaday blogger can't use anymore blogger title tag trick..thats why it so hard to break di search engine result page for posting page level..?? if its true...well a litlle dissapointed here. T_T.. but it still okay as far i can still experiment on the keyword part, keep tryin dude, and stay tune here.. i will update any info i got from this shooting keyword experiment.

Long time no post, finally i come to write a fun case study posting. The Theme is about SEO, discussing about Shooting Keyword act. And the Keyword Object here is Sandra Dewi Bugil. wow. To Bold? Interesting isn't it ?? hehehe.

First, I need to inform you all, Why I Pick keyword Sandra Dewi Bugil at this case study. The reason is that Sandra Dewi Bugil is one of the most searched terms on google indonesia nowaday. Logicly, it will match relevantly to test the SEO lesson theme this time, Shooting Keyword.

sandra dewi bugil
Second, I think most of you already now, that one of the most basic SEO trick is to play on the letter style, like for example

Sandra Dewi Bugil, in italic style

Sandra Dewi Bugil, in bold style

Sandra Dewi Bugil, in strike style
Sandra Dewi Bugil, in underline style

Well, that one of the reason why i like to use characther style variation on my writing in my blog .

So Enough, for the Sandra Dewi Bugil. Now we should go to something with more variation. Yeah keyword variation. Its good to use keyword variations! Why?? So the Search Engine will keep to see you stand on the good standing, in other word, It nod judge you SPAM the keyword. You will want to know whats gonna happen, once google banned your site . Okay back to the topic, so what is the well keyword varation?

Sandra Dewi Nude ... this is the english terms for Sandra Dewi Bugil

Sandra Dewi Telanjang ... i believe u know what its mean

Foto Sandra Dewi Bugil ... yeah same means , in different phrase

Roy Suryo ... upps...*speechless*
just kidding mr.Roy

Third. Now the technical problem has been discussed, now you ask me how to measure the successful rate of this technic? We'll see in a few days forward wether the traffic will boosted or not... thats the use of install the tracker on your site. For me myself im use extreme tracking to track it, it has great service..moreover its free !
. For the calculation my means traffic now is about 50 unique visitor per day, but we'll see in a few day forward what traffic number will i reach!!? So stay tune here, and read the update.

Oh yeah, need to tell you that this topic will be continue in the second part. So be patient and wait for the sequele. okay?

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.
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