Sandra Dewi seksi vs Cinta Laura seksi

, , Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello..hello Jakarta, Indonesia, and everyone all over the world. Im back to continue what i've started before, the SEO experiment of shooting keyword trick.

Yes it is the part III of My SEO experiment sequele, entitled Sandra Dewi seksi VS Cinta Laura seksi..quite long you think? Well, what i can guarantee u that you will not feel bored to read it, cause here you will find many social issue update, humor, and entertraining writing.*narciss mode on*, Oh yeah for you that have not read the previous post yet about my last SEO experiment posting you can see it here and here. .

Well now the update report about the effect of 'Shooting keyword' trick to my blog traffic. Well, i think i suppose to say that this is below my expectation..but it doesn't mean it absolutely dissapoint me, No! it just not like im imagine. The traffic did raise a little bit, but thats not really significant, although it has doubling my former traffic (about 40UV/day) into approximately 80UV/day.*UV=Unique Visitor.

Now im should find any reason, and of course solution..why the outcome goes below my expectation??
To assess it technically.. i think that Search Engine need some time to adapt with my blog upgrade and update.. because, for u to know, that i've done vacuum to write my blog for a several time..and maybe that thing particullary make the search engine dislike my blog..

But dont worry..just like a need some time, i would prefer it process. Yeah i need process to make search engine fall in love with my writing. So i will just keep posting regulary..write some original show that im minute about this blog..and keep hope that will change the google standing.

Now about this post topic...still with the similar trick, shooting keyword..i just need to find what terms is mostly searched in google nowaday. And my pick come on Sandra Dewi seksi and Cinta Laura seksi. Why? good question but easy to answer. Because they get very popular lately. and me, my self, personally i like sandra dewi.. i think she is sexy and beautiful. Simple word to describe georgeus.

How about Cinta Laura? hehehe for that case.. i would said that she will not match my type. furthermore she just a kid in a growing up phase.. But honestly i think she's got a talent there..on the entertainment world.

And its done.

So all long conversation just about spaming keyword and a few topic about sandra dewi seksi and cinta laura seksi? No bonus picture?? of course it is.

Isn't she beautiful and sexy? Astonishing Sandra Dewi.

And this..Cinta Laura, the next big name on entertainment world, surely this dude has a talent.
Oh yeah the pic, i got it from such a nice indonesian artist portal site, named ceritamu-ceritaku.

Oh yeah, i left the final question... Sandra dewi seksi foto VS Cinta Laura seksi foto...who is the winner. Me?? there's no doubt.. i will vote for Sandra Dewi..Luv u gal . So how about you???? please frankly left your comment.

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  3. Anonymous said...

    if i REALLY have to vote between the twos, i would vote for the other one...Sandra Dewi? Anyways, I heard EVERYONE HATE Cinta...whatever her name is...and I don't even know anything about her(CInta).just her act man....USELESS!

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