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, Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let stop a while with the shooting keyword experimental. For now , buyungupik wanna share some fun and stress reliever

By the way, you guys and gals..are you often watch indonesian idol program? well, if yes i hope u remember the song who make Titi DJ, as the jury crying since the song sang so amazing. Unfortunaltely i forget who is the singer name..but what im sure that he's pass the elimination stage and now he's struggling in workshop stage. But the good news that i know what song did his sing.. it is the song titled Rasa yang tertinggal from ST12.

ST12 album-Jalan Terbaik

Well if ST12 is not so familiar with your ear, then you might want to listen to their song.
Antiteori provide ST12 specially for antiteori lovely reader .

Well so far that are their song that i know well.. if you guys and gals one of their fanatic fans, and you wanna share their other song, please be my guest. Just left your comment guys with the download link of course. .

Oh yeah if you want to download free mp3 and request mp3 you can do that here.

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  1. percobaan said...

    foto sarah azhari bugil.....

  2. said...

    foto sarah azhari bugil dan koleksi foto dan video bugil lainnya...


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