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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maybe you’ve never really considered yourself very musical. Maybe you quit the flute three months after you picked it up. That’s okay. Music is in all of us, and even just by popping a CD into the stereo, you’re tapping into its power.

Well, seems you already understand the term Sounds of music, you can easily hear it by your both ears right?
Now, how about Science of Music? WOW thats pretty damn interesting ! read on, you will never get bored.

Why does my singing sound so great in the bathroom ?
Well, your shower works like a low-tech sound mixer to modify your voice to improve its sound.

Why do some song get stuck in my head?
they are called earworms, described it as a cognitive itch, created by a catchy tune.

Why does sad music sound sad?
a sense of sadness oftenly made by a minor chord, the factor of chord, and tempo affect us much for what we called feeling of sadness.
Why do i hear the bass from my neighbour stereo, but not the treble ?
Well, in a little complicated way to explain, the sound doing some attenuation and reflection. The treble sound is a higher-frequency-one that happen to loss its power when delivered to such a distance.

Now i know it ! Tell you before its gonna worth to read !

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