Download MP3 Via Multiply or by MP3Multiply ?

, Saturday, March 29, 2008

Download MP3 via multiply? are u still do it? leave it, its the old-fashion-way

antiteori download mp3 via multiply
im find a new and better solution, Mp3multiply, mp3 player review and best mp3 download site

MP3Multiply is one of the best mp3 download site for indonesian song. You can always find the latest indonesia hit there, including most wanted song, rising star band, and indonesian top ten song.

So who are you lookin for delon featuring irene mp3 ? nidji top up mp3? andra and the backbone latest hit - main hati? or maliq and d'essentials by dia ?

the site itself already well, even better you can request mp3 there. You can find the 'request mp3' button at the right sidebar of the site !

I bet it, you will never regret to visit the site !

And furthermore, if you find that site is rockin please also tell your friend about mp3multiply site

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    i'll try now

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