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, Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hi guys, whats up??
Im gonna inform you all, a little change on this blog
well, since lately some antiteori fans complaining about how slow this site loading, i think have to make a move.
So i start to fix the layout, and i search to find what attribute that make this blog loading so slow.
So finally i had to make a little dissapointing change, is to relocate the antiteori link's section.
So for that act, buyungupik frankly aplogize for all friends who feel loss about that.

But Don't Worry
There's always a wayout of every problem right??

The Solution. I make a new antiteori landing page which can you access here
Im also make two anchor link from the homepage. One located on the header menu button, and one again on the sidebar, in Friend of antiteori's section.

And in return, i make not one, not two, but three anchor links pointing to all of antiteori friend's blog, which on antiteori new link page.

Well, i think its quite fair right? i guess the problem solved right away :)

dont worry,be happy!

Any suggestion, please leave your comment ;)

image acquired from google image.
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