How Has Music Changed Your Life ? [Yahoo Answers

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well honestly, im find this interesting post in yahoo answer.
The topic, very inspiring, How has music changed your life?

And this is what im talking about,

The author, as described before, asking a clisse question
How has music changed your life?

And there were so many answer reply, like

I would be dead without music.

It gives me somewhere to run to...

i would die without music, when im mad,sad,tired,or when i have a headache, i listen to it

there's also some quite sceptical opinion,

music is not really a important thing in my life and I basically feel everyone only listen to it when they need to otherwise life is full other things to do. its not like music is keeping us alive but instead we got other things to live on or to live for!!!

and there's also someone answering with quite-long-enough-paragraph,

After learning the piano, I discovered a talent of my own. I learned new knowledge that people who do not learn the piano do not have. I became popular in school because of my talent, and joined many competitions and made several new friends along the way.
Talking about listening to pop songs, after hearing them, I got to know more about the singers and their backgrounds. I often check out the singers' official websites and go to Wikipedia to find out more about the singers.

But from all answer replied this is the best answer, picked by the question author himself,

Evelyn, Music sets my mood on many a day.
When I was younger I played nothing but country western & I played it loud in the house so I could hear it no matter what room I was in. When my brothers where in WW2 and a song came on that I remembered them playing the guitar to or singing or dancing to. I cred my eyes out for them. That is the only time I had to turn it off, for my sake. I was little sis to them back then. Now as a GrandMother I love other music as well, especially gospel. Right now there is an instrumental playing softly as I type. It is so relaxing & soothing.
Thanks for the memories Evelyn.

So How about you? what's your answer...How Has Music Changed Your Life?
Is there anybody has another good answer? im looking forward for your comment here ;)

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