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Monday, May 26, 2008

If you are indonesian people, you can join 'blognetwork indonesia', that is the first indonesian blog network. And what so interesting about this blognetwork is that they do optimize our blog to earn more dollar. Or in other hand, we can say that blognetwork indonesia maximalise your blog potention.

So is there any possibilities that blognetwork indonesia will accept blogger from other country? Well, not yet, i suppose. For now, blognetwork indonesia specialize on develop indonesian blogger, optimize their potention, maximalize their earning while keep do reguler blogging activity.

indonesian blognetwork
Yet brilliant idea, blognetwork indonesia help indonesian blogger by facilitate their blog to be monetized, while blogger keep do regular blogging activity. And what way to monetize their blog, you can see the details on blognetwork indonesia official site. You can left your comment on the site, as me will always welcome to any developing comments.

Ehh!! Do u think this blog is interesting? Its Up to U, whether Subscribe or NoT.
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  1. sumedi said...

    waw, thats a good idea. blog network indonesia, to link one to aother indonesian blogger.

    the template also cool, fresh with a box watermelon and water. I wait for you to complete the design and program. adn let share.


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