Earth The Movie, You Must Really really Watch This Movie !!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Earth The Movie, You Must Really really Watch This Movie !!
Polar bear earth the movie
Last Friday, i spare some time to watch cinema at Blitz megaplex in Grand Indonesia mall. It was already planned that i watch the movie titled "Earth" The movie, that im dieing to watch this movie. And so, Im strongly recommend you to watch this movie, its not even a recommendatin, its a MUST! I like this movie very much, and commonlyt every living creature that want to share the earth for each other will also love this movie.

Though, there're also several reasons, why i like this movie so much. First, it was true that i am a nature lover, im even join the 'Pencinta alam' organization once i still in senior high school time. Second, i really enjoy to see a movie with many great-amazing-extraordinary scenery, LOTR is one of the good example but no one will compete March of the penguin and Earth the movie.

earth the movie wallpaper
(note: picture taken from loveearth site)

But again you are not me, either im not your self, but still i encourage you to watch this movie. Trust me, if you at least care about our earth, it will worth your time. For me its a very inspiring movie (although its made on somekind of documentarial epic movie, but it still great), after watching earth the movie i believe, every hearth of us will be called to be more concern about our earth, since we share this planet to others, including other human, mammals, reptile, animal, and plants, and since we dont want to loose em, mostly we dont want to live alone on this luck-beautiful-planet.
Lynx behind trees
The robust mystical lynx

More on earth the movie its worth your time to visit their official website on loveearth. you may find many fascinating story and picture from that site. Honestly, you should know how our world that create by The God Almighty was so beautiful, thats really beautiful with every single living creature that live on it, including us, human.

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  1. Marisa said...

    Yep. Trailernya aja udah bagus banget! Watch it here. Sekalian promosi blog, hehe.

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