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, Monday, May 5, 2008

Congratz, for music lover. This time buyungupik want to share the complete list of latest download lagu indonesia list, arranged alphabetically FROM A to Z ! .

Yeah crazy you can find even both indonesian songs and english song. From Afgan to Yovie and Nuno, symbolized A as the first letter and Y as the last letter, since i cant find singer or group band name starting with Z letter. Any idea?

And here is the list index of/mp3 lagu indonesia that im talking about:

ANyway, special thanks to mp3multiply for providing mp3 to antiteori, thanks Mul, i owe you this time. For your information mp3multiply is one of my friend's mp3 website, i used to call him mul. And what great from mp3multiply is that non only we can download lagu indonesia gratis but also request for mp3 (mp3 request). You can find it on the right sidebar of mp3multiply homepage. keep reading my writing, and wait for my next posting will ya?

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