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, Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hi dude, ever hear the word domain parking ? well in simply word it is a way to park your domain and put an advertising to it. Well, in this case when one page is consist of almost all is ads, you wouldnt ask me how the CTR(click through rate) is?

How to start? well, you need to got at least one domain, and that domain, not used. Sow how to make not used domain to be a money maker, or at least you can pay the domain registration cost

tukang parkir pemula

Well, i will make it short, So what you need to do? First make your account at sedo, than register your domain name to their database. Later, you can customize your domain layout design using template provided by sedo.

Oh yeah, one more thing to be noted. you need a personal email account to register your account (free service email like yahoo or gmail wont work). One of the good trick im used to take is make an email account at grin

And how about the web sample, you can see it on moviebe - a movie holic station web.

So How is the potention of the income? well, in my capacity i would prefer not to answer that. But based on my instinct as true internet entepreuner, i would say its huge.

And how to drive traffic to a parked domain, is another problem to solve, i suggest you find another referention but my writing.big grin . and not to forget promote my site, you can see all my bedah seo file here.

But anyway, im just a newbie in this kind of business industry, what i wanna review is just a very small part of it, you can see more details on tukang parkir senior blog at ronys.

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  1. f[L]euR said...

    Bos, gmn caranya add link anda?? Anda blogspot saya wordpress bisa tuker link? Blog saya yg di, mau coba add ke blog anda tapi gatau caranya hehe... Mohon pencerahannya... :p

  2. Laxman said...

    Unlimitedgb's technical support is very good..i can clear my doubts whenever i needed.
    ut I am so glad that I took a chance on!"

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